NFL Rumors: Three-team trade sends Richard Sherman to Patriots; Jimmy Garoppolo to Browns; Draft picks to Seahawks

PHOTOGRAPH: Jeffrey Beall/Wikimedia Commons | Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks

The New England Patriots and the Cleveland Browns are expected to be highly active on the trade market before the 2017 NFL Draft. According to the latest NFL trade rumors, a three-team trade will send Richard Sherman to the Patriots, Jimmy Garropolo to the Browns and draft picks to the Seattle Seahawks.

Richard Sherman has been frequently mentioned in various NFL trade rumors in the past months. Several NFL teams have reportedly expressed interest in acquiring his service, including the New England Patriots. The Seahawks want Darrelle Revis-style package as the asking price for Sherman.

The package includes a high first-round pick and a fourth-round pick. The Patriots really want to add Sherman on their team. Unfortunately, they don’t have a first-round pick this year, resulting for them to find a third team who could help them facilitate a trade.

NFL Trade Rumors: Browns helping Patriots acquire Richard Sherman

With the Patriots’ inability to give the Seahawks’ asking price, they may consider reaching out the Cleveland Browns to make the deal happen. The Browns remain hopeful to acquire Patriots backup QB Jimmy Garoppolo this offseason. However, the Patriots aren’t showing a strong indication that they will give up Garoppolo.

Garoppolo provides insurance for New England whenever something happens to Tom Brady in 2017. However, their interest in acquiring Richard Sherman may force them to let Garoppolo go. Sherman will undeniably boost the Patriots’ defense since he’s currently one of the best cornerbacks in the league.

Will Brinson of CBS Sports suggests a three-way trade between the Browns, the Seahawks, and the Patriots. In the suggested trade scenario, the Patriots will acquire Richard Sherman and the No. 33 overall pick while Jimmy Garoppolo heads to Cleveland. The Seahawks will receive the No. 12 overall pick plus a conditional fourth-round pick from the Browns. The trade will definitely help the Browns and the Patriots in filling up the needs to improve on their roster.

NFL Trade Rumors: Richard Sherman trade happening before the draft

It wouldn’t take long before the Seahawks trade CB Richard Sherman. Former NFL executive and current ESPN analyst Joe Banner believes Seattle will trade Sherman before the 2017 NFL draft to maximize his value.

“No reason for it to not happen now,” Banner said. “If they get through the draft without it happening, they’re in trouble as far as moving him. It’s not impossible because some team could be hoping to get a corner in the draft, and then they don’t get him and maybe they’re interested now. Maybe it’s a 2018 pick instead of a 2017 pick. But if you’re the Seahawks, you really hope to not get yourself in that position. It’s simple supply and demand. The more potential demand, the better chance you’re getting a significant offer.”

Photo courtesy: Jeffrey Beall/Wikimedia Commons

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