NFL Rumors: Tony Romo auditioning for other NFL teams in what could be his final game for the Dallas Cowboys

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Tony Romo (Photo Courtesy: efohbe/Flickr)

Tony Romo finally gets a chance to show he can still be valuable for the Dallas Cowboys when his team faces the Philadelphia Eagles in a non-bearing match-up.

Non-important games like these are usually reserved for back-ups and young prospects but the veteran quarterback  relegates to a bench role after the take over of rookie Dak Prescott as starting QB.

Earlier in the year, there were NFL rumors of a Romo trade with the rise of their rookie. That deal could still happen for Romo next season.

Chance for Tony Romo

According to reports, Prescott will still get the nod as a starter but Romo and Mark Sanchez will get playing time for a Cowboys squad that has already clinched a postseason slot.

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The Cowboys hold a 13-2 record and comfortably at the top of the league and tied with the New England Patriots entering their Week 17 match-ups. Only bragging rights are left to play for in the Eagles match-up with Philadelphia already out of the playoff race with a 6-9 record.

However, Prescott and fellow rookie Ezekiel Elliot know the value of getting in rhythm and the win before the postseason begins.

“No game is meaningless. There’s quality reps against a quality opponent that’s in our division that we’ll play for years to come that I’ll face off against,” the star rookie QB stated to ESPN.

“So any reps that I can get against a good team to make myself better to get some momentum going into the playoffs, I’ll take it,”

“You guys say ‘meaningful games’. Every game is meaningful. It may not matter if we win or lose, but it matters in the total grand scheme of things,” star rookie running back stated in the same article.

“We’re trying to stay sharp so we can go into these playoffs like a high-octane machine. We’re not looking at them as games that aren’t meaningful. Every game is meaningful.”

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Last game for Tony Romo in Dallas’ uniform?

Dallas is No. 1 in the NFC and will have a first round bye at the start of the NFL playoffs in mid-January. The Cowboys will also hold home field advantage the entire playoffs.

With Prescott looking like the present and future QB for the Cowboys, there are NFL rumors that this could be the final game for Romo in Dallas.

Preparing for the playoffs already, the Cowboys might give Tony Romo his chance to show the NFL that he can still be a starting QB in the league. Dak Presscott will start and play most of the postseason games and this will the veteran’s final chance to audition for a starting job.

Tony Romo (Photo Courtesy: efohbe/Flickr)

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