NFL Rumors: Tony Romo joining Washington Redskins in a three-team trade involving Cowboys, 49ers

Tony Romo (Photo courtesy: Bigcats lair/Wikimedia Commons)
PHOTOGRAPH: Bigcats lair/Wikimedia Commons | Tony Romo

The Washington Redskin emerged as one of the NFL teams who expressed interest in acquiring Tony Romo from the Dallas Cowboys. According to the latest rumor, the Redskins will be engaging in a three-team deal with the Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers to add the veteran quarterback on their team.

Tony Romo continues to be the subject of various trade rumors in the past months. After suffering from injury, Dak Prescott stole his role as the Cowboys starting QB, marking the end of his era in Dallas. Romo isn’t considering a retirement yet and still wants to continue his football career.

Tony Romo to Washington Redskins

Most people see him heading to Denver but the Broncos are only taking him if he will be released. However, there are speculations that the Cowboys may consider testing the trade market first. Ian Rapoport of NFL Network revealed a potential deal that would send Tony Romo to the Washington Redskins.

The three-team trade would involve the Redskins, Cowboys, and the 49ers. Romo would end up in Washington, Kirk Cousins heads to San Francisco, and the Cowboys would acquire draft picks. Steven Ruiz of USA Today Sports’ For The Win gave his insight on why should the Redskins proceed with the deal.

“Romo is better than Cousins, and, even if he gets hurt, Colt McCoy can give you 90% of what Cousins did. And if Romo does stay healthy, he’ll put up MVP numbers behind that offensive line and with that receiving corps, which will remain good even if both Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson bolt in free agency,” Ruiz said.

Acquiring valuable draft picks will ease the departure of Romo in Dallas. However, the move is quite risky for the Cowboys since the Redskins are their divisional rival. The Cowboys may consider working out on the deal that would benefit them and Romo.

Kirk Cousins to San Francisco 49ers

Despite having the franchise tag for the second year, Kirk Cousins’ future in Washington is still up in the air. Some people believes that Cousins will be wearing a different jersey next season. According to, if the Redskins consider trading him, Cousins will likely end up as the San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback.

The 49ers are in dire need of a quarterback and are currently active on the trade market. The deal will lead to the reunion of Kirk Cousins with new 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan. However, before proceeding with any deal, the 49ers should guarantee that Cousins will agree to a long-term deal.

Photo courtesy: Bigcats lair/Wikimedia Commons

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