NFL Rumors: Tony Romo never getting back to elite QB form

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Tony Romo will never get back to being an “elite quarterback” for the Dallas Cowboys after the veteran broke bones in his back in a recent frustrating injury, according to rumors and speculations after the Romo’s latest setback.

There are also speculations that the team could trade or waive Romo but Dallas is not worried because they still have young QB Dak Presscott, who has shown promise this NFL preseason. Prescott is just 23 years old and will play in his rookie year while Romo is already 36 years old and have injury problems in recent seasons.

One of the speculative NFL rumors is that of a trade between the San Francisco 49ers and Cowboys involving Colin Kaepernick and Romo. Though neither side have admitted to any talks and this is more of a panic move for the Cowboys since they are getting Kaepernick’s big contract.

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Kaepernick has also been involved in controversies after he refused to stand up for the American national anthem in a recent NFL preseason game. This might be a reason why teams want to avoid the quarterback in any NFL trade.

Romo’s unfortunate injury is one of the many struggles with his health the past seasons. And it has cost Dallas the chance to win the Super Bowl.

According to Forbes Magazine, the MRI on Romo revealed, “a compression fracture of the first vertebral body of his lumbar spine” and that’s a different injury from the previous time he hurt his back.

“For such an injury, Romo will likely not need surgery. In many cases, such a fracture will heal with rest, a back brace to reduce motion, and physical therapy. Pain medications can reduce pain,” the report stated.

“While healing times may vary, Romo could be ready to play again within 3 months. (Latest estimates are 6-10 weeks.) Surgery should only be a consideration if pain persists beyond several months and all other non-surgical measures have failed.”

Watch Romo get injured in preseason and which will cause him to miss about eight games in the regular season:

Video courtesy: YouTube/NFL

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Photo courtesy: Keith Allison/Wikimedia

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