NFL Rumors: Tony Romo, ‘nightmare’ contract could force Dallas Cowboys trade, stick with cheaper Dak Prescott as starter

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Cowboys Update: Tony Romo warns Cliff Avril ‘See you in the Playoffs’
Tony Romo starts his road to recovery following a nasty hit from Seattle Seahawks defensive end Cliff Avril during their pre-season match. Romo vows to come back strong as he warned Avril for retribution when the Cowboys meet them in the Playoffs.

Tony Romo could possibly mess things up with the Dallas Cowboys when he returns and there are rumors that the Texas team would be willing to let him go because of his “nightmare contract”.

Another reason why the Cowboys could trade their star quarterback is because his back-up, Dak Prescott has played well this season—and enough for the rookie quarterback to lead Dallas back to relevance. The Cowboys holds a surprising 5-1 win-loss record this season and leads their division.

Jason Fitzgerald of the Sporting News comments that “decision time” is coming soon for Dallas; should they stick with the young gun Prescott and ride the rookie for the rest of the season because of the Cowboys’ near perfect start? Or should they revert to their old ways with old man Romo since he has more experience at this stage?

Fitzgerald worries that the Cowboys have “limited options” about Romo’s huge deal which will pay him about $40 million in the next two seasons. Relegating him to a back-up role is a possibility, but that means they are paying premium money to the veteran just to play behind a rookie.

“If the team is concerned with winning, though, it’s a decision it needs to make,” Fitzgerald challenged the Cowboys brass noting that Dallas will save big money, to the tune of $14M to $19M, if they move on immediately from Romo.

Romo’s name has been aggressively mentioned in NFL rumors linking him in trades with various teams, including the Denver Broncos, which may want a veteran QB to defend their NFL championship.

Are the Cowboys good enough to win the Super Bowl this season with Prescott at the starting quarterback slot? What will the team do with Tony Romo and his “nightmare” contract if they want to “win now” and build around Prescott?

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