NFL Rumors: Tyler Higbee set for a big role with Rams next season?

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Tyler Higbee was recently drafted in the 2016 NFL Draft. He was picked by the Los Angeles Rams in the fourth round of this year’s draft. Higbee plays the tight end position for the Rams. But these NFL rumors seem to suggest that the rookie might have a prominent role with his team next season.

According to ESPN’s Steve Dilbeck, Tyler could be given more minutes by the Rams because he has been great at the camp. He is also compared by Sports Illustrated’s Greg Bedard to Travis Kelce, who also plays as a tight end for the Kansas Chiefs. Kelce is a player who once led his team in total yards of 862 off 67 receptions.

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Moreover, Higbee is a 6-foot-5 tight end that always makes plays with the Rams as reported by Dilbeck. This might be the primary reason why Tyler could be given by his head coach a big role with the team in the upcoming season.

Higbee has really been a revelation for Los Angeles in the NFL despite being chosen in the fourth round. The Rams have first picked Jared Goff in the 2016 draft. He is the draft’s first overall pick that plays as a quarterback for the Rams.

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Tyler also played decently in his first pre-season match for the Rams against the Dallas Cowboys. He had a good game in which he was able to catch four passes smoothly in the first half. This is based on the report on Mark Whicker of The Orange County Register.

The 23-year-old rookie might fulfill this NFL rumors if he continues his fine play in the exhibition games of his team.

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