NFL Rumors: Vikings to name Sam Bradford as starting QB; Shaun Hill as the backup

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Vikings to name Sam Bradford as starting QB? Shaun Hill as the backup?
Rumors are swirling that the Vikings are leaning towards having Sam Bradford take the lead with Shaun Hill as his backup.

The Minnesota Vikings are stating that they would name their starting quarterback on Sunday when they visit the Tennessee Titans. Rumors are swirling that the Vikings are leaning towards having Sam Bradford take the lead with Shaun Hill as his backup. reports that Vikings coach Mike Zimmer is playing mind games with the Titans. As he stated that he is yet to announce who their starting quarterback is. The Vikings are in total disarray after losing starting quarterback Teddy Bridgewater due to a non-contact injury that tore his ACL.

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With the situation, the Vikings immediately went to offer some trade with other teams and found an ideal match with the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles offered Sam Bradford and in exchange, they got the Vikings’ 2017 second round pick and 2018 fourth round conditional pick. A rather expensive trade but the Vikings needed the decision to save their season.

With just days leading to their season opener, Zimmer is likely to pick Bradford over Hill. Even Titans coach Mike Mularkey believes Bradford will start for the Vikings this Sunday. Mularkey noted that the Vikings would be stupid enough not to put Bradford with the starting gig considering the picks they have to surrender to get him.

However, Mularkey explained that whoever Zimmer picks to start is no concern of the Titans. Mularkey stressed that they have already done their homework on both Bradford and Hill.

“They wouldn’t give up a 1 (first-round pick) and a 4 (fourth-round pick) to have him [Bradford] sit very long. He’s had a very good preseason – really, both the quarterbacks had good pre-seasons. I would expect [Bradford] starts, and if he doesn’t, it’s not going to change how we prepare,” Mularkey said.

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Bradford is doing double time to catch up on learning the Vikings’ play and guided by offensive coordinator Norv Turner. Shaun Hill is just disappointed that he gets to compete for the position which should have been his since Bridgewater got injured. He may not admit it but it surely does show when he went up to Zimmer and questioned the trade.

It will be a dramatic Sunday for the Vikings as they start their season with either Bradford or Hill taking the position. Mularkey believes that it is no brainer about who should start for the Vikings.

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