NFL Rumors: Vikings set work out for Michael Vick; A contract in the works

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Vikings set work out for Michael Vick? A contract in the works?
Rumors are swirling that the Vikings is expecting a workout visit from free agent Michael Vick with a contract in the works as well.

The Minnesota Vikings are now scrambling to find a steady quarterback that could lead the team as the season opener draws near. Rumors are swirling that the Vikings are expecting a workout visit from free agent Michael Vick with a contract in the works as well.

The Vikings lost starting quarterback Teddy Bridgewater in a non-contact injury that tore his ACL and a dislocated knee. Bridgewater’s recovery will take a year and Mike Zimmer and the Vikings need to find a backup before the season opens.

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However, Andrew Krammer of the Star Tribune posted on Twitter that Vick is not scheduled for a visit to the Vikings camp. Despite the media confusion, the 36-year old quarterback out of Virginia Tech has express interest in playing for the Vikings. Vick on a Facebook post that he has the skill which the Vikings need this coming season.

According to Fansided’s John Buhler, Vick is known for his dynamic playing ability and can easily adapt to weather condition such with the Vikings’ new home. Vick wants to revive his NFL career like what he did in 2010 wherein he led the Philadelphia Eagles to the NFL Playoffs as NFC East Champions. With Vick’s vast experience and the Vikings tough defense, it is no brainer that he could easily blend in with coach Zimmer’s system.

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With Bridgewater out for the season, Zimmer is looking at Shaun Hill to start. But with his inconsistency in running plays, the Vikings are hoping to get a veteran arm either via free agency or trade. Aside from Vick, the Vikings were also linked to trade talks with Colin Kaepernick, Mark Sanchez, and Josh McCown.

Many do not consider Vick as a backup for the Vikings due to his alleged criminal record. Aside from battling plays on the field, Vick also has his run in with the law. His name is also linked with illegal dog fighting activities though he lobbied for H.R. 2492, which is known as the Animal Fighting Spectator Prohibition Act.

Vick is not the top choice for the Vikings, but who can they get to a trade that would not be asking for something in return. With Vick, the Vikings have a veteran backup as the season would be long and rough.

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