NFL Rumors: Willie Colon undecided, TV analyst possible post-NFL career

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Pittsburgh Steeler Willie Colon Discusses His Lupus Fundraiser, Football and MoreBy: TheSOSEG/ Youtube

NFL rumors are somehow giving more attention to the younger guys in the free agency market. Current free agent Willie Colon is indecisive regarding his NFL career on whether to continue or finally decide to hang his jersey.

Such notion of retirement is perhaps influenced by the lack of hype or noise with the current free agency status of the 33-year old former Pittsburgh Steelers offensive guard.

For the last three years, Colon played for the New York Jets, even becoming a starter for 16 games at right guard for the franchise in 2013 and 2014. After that, Colon was given an opportunity to play once more for the Jets with a one year contract. Right now he is enjoying his free agency status while contemplating his future in the NFL and evaluating other options.

If Willie Colon’s thought and passion were the only factors to consider, he would choose to continue playing in the NFL. However, considering his age and physical disposition pointing to the chronic knee problems, the 2008 Super Bowl champion seems to be undecided.

“But that’s my mind talking and my heart. And my body may be saying something else. I have to be sensitive about that. It’s up in the air. I don’t know if I’m coming back or not, or what I’ll do. I’m just going to take this offseason and just listen to myself,” Colon shared via NJ.

However, like a good boy scout, Colon seems to have already outlined some of his options if he would finally decide to retire from the league. According to Darryl Slater, Colon already discussed leaving the NFL his way, and possibly choosing another career close to the sports he loves.

“Colon also has begun planning and preparing for life after football, including a possible career as a TV analyst,” Slater said.

Whatever would be the decision of Colon, whether he would be obeying his mind and passion over his body or the other way around, it is for him to decide and hopefully, such decision will be for the good of his health and career.

Photo Courtesy: TheSOSEG/ Youtube

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