NFL Seahawks Trade: Richard Sherman wants to leave Seattle; Packers, Saints move possible

PHOTOGRAPH: Jeffrey Beall/Wikimedia Commons | Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks

Every sign is pointing out to the possible breakup between the Seattle Seahawks and veteran cornerback Richard Sherman before the 2017 NFL draft. Several NFL teams could be interested in trading for Sherman, including the Green Bay Packers and the New Orleans Saints.

Last year, after a divisional-round loss to the Carolina Panthers, Richard Sherman has strong belief that the Seahawks will be “special”. He spent six seasons in Seattle and made a huge impact, especially on the defensive end. However, the recent season didn’t go well with Sherman as he has frequently clashed with his team.

The hot-headed cornerback had an altercation with defensive coordinator Kris Richard and even questioned coach Pete Carroll for some of his court decisions. Weeks before the 2017 NFL draft, Sherman’s name continues to be part of various trade rumors. According to Sheil Kapadia of ESPN, Seahawks general manager John Schneider and coach Pete Carroll have made it clear publicly that Sherman is available via trade.

Seahawks should trade Richard Sherman before the 2017 NFL draft

Former NFL executive and current ESPN analyst Joe Banner believes the Seahawks could get first-round picks in return for Sherman. Despite his attitude, he’s still a premier cornerback and his current contract looks attractive to other NFL teams. However, Banner suggests that the Seahawks should trade Sherman before the 2017 NFL draft to maximize his value.

“No reason for it to not happen now,” Banner said. “If they get through the draft without it happening, they’re in trouble as far as moving him. It’s not impossible because some team could be hoping to get a corner in the draft, and then they don’t get him and maybe they’re interested now. Maybe it’s a 2018 pick instead of a 2017 pick. But if you’re the Seahawks, you really hope to not get yourself in that position. It’s simple supply and demand. The more potential demand, the better chance you’re getting a significant offer.”

However, instead of getting first-round picks, the Seahawks may consider acquiring experienced players who could boost their offense. If a team makes an interesting offer, the Seahawks should grab the opportunity to unload the 29-year-old cornerback.

Richard Sherman to Green Bay Packers or New Orleans Saints

ESPN’s NFL Nation reporters listed teams who could be interested in adding Richard Sherman on their team. These include the Green Bay Packers and the New Orleans Saints. The Packers have long been eyeing to upgrade the cornerback position and are reportedly considering Sherman as an option. Meanwhile, the Saints desperately need to boost their defense as they are rank 31st last season.

Photo courtesy: Jeffrey Beal/Wikimedia Commons

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