NFL: Seattle Seahawks insist they will still be Super Bowl contenders next season

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Seattle Seahawks (Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/Flickr)

The Seattle Seahawks were eliminated in the 2017 NFL playoffs after losing to the Atlanta Falcons on Saturday. Many people believe that the Seahawks are no longer contenders but the team is very positive heading into next season.

Seahawks lose to Falcons 36-20

The Seahawks were limping into the NFC Divisional Round against the Falcons. Nevertheless, they were determined to make it into the NFC title game but the Falcons had too much firepower and they easily beat Seattle, per

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson tripped on his own defensive line that led to a safety. Mistakes clearly made an impact in the game but the Falcons were also the superior team.

Pete Carroll, Russell Wilson believes Seattle Seahawks are still contenders

In an interview with The Seattle Times after the game, head coach Pete Carroll openly said that the Seahawks’ championship window is still open. Russell Wilson compared it to their loss to the same Falcons team four seasons ago.

“We’ll be all right. It seems very, very similar, and that’s a good thing. We still have the same great guys, we still have the same great coaches, we still believe in everything we’re doing, and there’s no doubt,” Wilson said.

Despite the confidence, the Seahawks no longer have the defense that used to scare every NFL team. Nevertheless, it’s a good thing that the core will remain intact next season but they need to add several key pieces.

Seattle needs to make some changes

According to Sheil Kapadia of ESPN, the Seattle Seahawks need to make some changes if they want to be considered contenders next season. He pointed out that the team should make the offensive line a priority, as well as Jimmy Graham’s deal. The Seahawks also need to improve their depth heading into the 2017-18 NFL season.

Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/Flickr

Video Courtesy: The Oregonian/YouTube

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