NFL still investigating Aqib Talib shooting incident

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Following Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib’s release from the hospital on Monday after being shot in his right leg, the NFL and Investigators are still looking into on what really happened on the fateful Sunday morning.

Talib was brought to the hospital last Sunday morning after being shot in his right leg at a Dallas night club called V Live and was released from the emergency room without any major wounds. According to Rebecca Lopez of WFAA-TV, the police reports said that the bullet went through Aqib Talib’s right thigh and exited out his right calf.

No official information about what really happened on that day has been released yet both from the NFL and the Denver Broncos, but several contradicting reports are currently circulating.

According to Rebecca Lopez, Talib told the Dallas police that he was in a park at 3:40 am when he was shot and is too intoxicated to remember what really happened and who shot him, but KUSA said that Talib has been telling his family and everyone close to him that he accidentally shot himself.

The Dallas Police are, however, still looking into the possibility of Talib being in the nightclub when he was shot together with two other victims, named Vernon White and Glen Lumpkin who also have no idea who the suspect is.

Talib was not able to join in the Broncos’ trip to Washington to meet President Barack Obama to celebrate their victory in the Super Bowl and is not expected to join in the Broncos’ remaining OTAs.

Photo courtesy: Twitter/ Nick Yuzawa

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