NFL Trade: Eagles trade DB Eric Rowe to Patriots for conditional draft pick; Josh Kline removed from package

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Eagles trade DB Eric Rowe for Patriots a draft pick; Josh Kline removed from package
The Eagles on Tuesday traded defensive back Eric Rowe to the New England Patriots for a conditional draft pick.

Days leading into the season opener and the Philadelphia Eagles are still in trade talks to solidify their roster. The Eagles on Tuesday traded defensive back Eric Rowe to the New England Patriots for a conditional fourth-round draft pick.

ESPN reported the trade and noted that Rowe failed to adapt to the team’s defensive plays. Eagles head coach Doug Pederson stated that Rowe showed inconsistency during practice but could be worth of a starting position with the Patriots.

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Prior to his trade, Rowe noted that he has matured with his game and improved a lot since his rookie year. Rowe added that he has worked hard to learn the plays and rated himself good in their pre-season matches.

Rowe knew that of the trade but tries to keep it off his mind by going to Philadelphia’s “Made In America” music festival. He noted that getting traded is tough, but vows to work hard to prove himself with his new team.

“Maybe there’s something they [Eagles] don’t see in me, but I’ve just got to keep fighting,” Rowe said.

Meanwhile, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that the Patriots removed Josh Kline in the supposed trade package for Rowe and will remain a Patriot property. The Patriots have no official statement about the turn of events for Kline, though, Rowe will still move to the Patriots’ side.

“I have a lot of respect for Josh,” Patriots coach Bill Belichick said in an interview on WEEI’s “Dale & Holley.” “He came in here as an undrafted player. Spent a bit of time on the practice squad. Worked hard to make the team. Has played for us. We’ve won with him.”

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Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News was first to report Kline wouldn’t land with the Eagles. With the deal still a go, Belichick sees Rowe as a good addition to give depth in the team’s secondary line of defense.

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