NFL Trade News: San Francisco 49ers continue rebuild, acquires veteran Jeremy Zuttah from Ravens

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The Baltimore Ravens dealt center Jeremy Zuttah to the San Francisco 49ers in the latest NFL news. The Ravens and 49ers swapped sixth round picks and this is one of the first moves for Kyle Shanahan, who values the starting center for his offense.

Shanahan was recently signed by the 49ers as head coach after helping the Atlanta Falcons reach the Super Bowl last season. John Lynch is the general manager of the team and satisfies Shanahan’s want of having a good starting center in his high-paced offense, Jamison Hensley notes.

Ravens improve draft position; 49ers add support on offensive line

For the Ravens, they give up the center while getting a better position in the sixth round of the 2017 NFL Draft in June. The Ravens reportedly wanted to release Zuttah, according to ESPN. But the 49ers heard the news and did not want Zuttah to reach free agency.

Hensley added that Zuttah could be a good fit with Shanahan’s offensive system because the 30-year-old center is familiar with a similar offense while playing under Gary Kubiak in 2014. Kubiak was the offensive coordinator for the Ravens in 2014.

“Kyle and I are firm believers that competition brings out the best in everyone. We also believe that you can never have enough good offensive linemen, and Jeremy has certainly proven to be a very talented player having earned a Pro Bowl selection last season,” Lynch said via the team’s website.

Zuttah started his NFL career with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who drafted the OL as the 83rd overall pick or early third round in the 2008 NFL Draft. The Bucs traded Zuttah to the Ravens for a fifth round selection in the 2015 draft.

Jeremy Zuttah versatile enough for Shanahan’s offense

Joe Fann, NFL analyst at, states that Zuttah will be a good addition because of his versatility. Fann adds that this is just one of the moves for Shanahan and Lynch in their first year as coach and GM for the team.

“Zuttah has starting experience at center, left guard and right guard. So the competition that Lynch alluded to doesn’t appear to be restricted to one position. Zuttah will be 31-years-old by the time training camp rolls around and provides another veteran presence to an increasingly young roster,” Fann stated.

“This may not be an earthshaking move that is going to occupy headlines for the next week, but rather another calculated (and relatively cheap) transaction in Lynch’s effort to build a competitive team. The building blocks are taking shape, and you can bet that the 49ers aren’t done yet.”

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