NFL Trade Rumors: Joe Thomas to Denver, Browns-Broncos deal to be revisited

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The Cleveland Browns are off to a rough start in the 2016 NFL regular season and will miss the playoffs again. This could lead the team to trading left tackle Pro Bowler Joe Thomas before the NFL trade deadline on November 1, according to NFL rumors.

The Browns are 0-5 this season and the team rebuilds for the future, which could lead to Thomas being moved to another NFL squad. But Thomas stated in a recent interview that he would not ask the Browns for a trade.

Joe Thomas to Denver Broncos will be discussed again according to rumors since both teams discussed the possible trade last season. The Browns reportedly backed out on the deal with the Broncos.

The 31-year-old left tackle reportedly wants to stay in Cleveland despite the Browns struggle again this season. But he has enough talent and experience to become a key player for a Super Bowl contending team like the Broncos.

Earlier in the offseason the Browns stated, according to coach Hue Jackson, that they want to stick with Thomas. But after a winless start in five games the team management could prefer a trade of the veteran left tackle to help their rebuild for the future.

The NFL trade deadline is still two weeks away so the Browns could be evaluating their current situation. They can deal Joe Thomas to a team for future draft picks so their team can get younger next season.

Photo courtesy: Erik Drost/Wikimedia

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