NFL Trade: Tony Romo weighs options – Retire for TV gig or Join a Super Bowl contender?

Tony Romo (Photo courtesy: Bigcats lair/Wikimedia Commons)
PHOTOGRAPH: Bigcats lair/Wikimedia Commons | Tony Romo

Tony Romo is still part of the Dallas Cowboys’ roster despite expressing his intention to leave and join a Super Bowl contender team. Aside from the possible Tony Romo trade, the veteran QB may also consider a retirement for a TV gig and become a football analyst.

Romo’s future in Dallas became uncertain after losing the starting role to Dak Prescott. Most NFL fans have been waiting for the highly-anticipated breakup between Romo and the Cowboys in the past two weeks. However, the 36-year-old veteran quarterback remains a Cowboy despite releasing a farewell video on social media.

Cowboys delaying Tony Romo trade

According to Kevin Seifert of ESPN, the Cowboys will have enough salary-cap space even if they decided to keep Tony Romo. As of now, there aren’t may interesting assets on the market to make room for. The Cowboys may prefer keeping Romo as their backup QB than Kellen Moore.

However, Seifert believed keeping Romo wouldn’t be practical for the Cowboys on both financial and chemistry standpoint. Romo’s existing contract proved to be too much for a backup QB. If the Cowboys make him part of their roster, Romo will surely want to play.

Romo is on the near end of his NFL career and has expressed his intention to join a Super Bowl contender. If the Cowboys will waive him, he will automatically become a free agent. However, there are speculations that Dallas wants to get a return for the veteran QB.

The Houston Texans and the Denver Broncos emerged as Romo’s potential suitors. However, the two teams aren’t willing to throw any trade assets to Dallas and would only add Romo if he becomes available in the free agency market.

Failed Tony Romo trade may lead to retirement

After the Cowboys opted not to immediately release Tony Romo, rumors about his possible retirement started to circulate. If Romo decides to end his NFL career, he may consider following the footsteps of former Cowboys QB Troy Aikman as a football analyst. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Fox Sports expressed their intention to hire Romo to replace John Lynch.

Lynch left Fox Sports in January to become the general manager of San Francisco 49ers. A retirement is a real option for Romo. He’s already 36 and suffered multiple injuries in the past years. Schefter revealed that other networks are also interested in hiring Romo as a football analyst.

Photo courtesy: Bigcats lair/Wikimedia Commons

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