NFL Trending Topics: A Patriots star faces paternity suit filed by this model

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NFL Trending Topics: A Patriots star faces paternity suit filed by this model

Nope. You’ve guessed it wrong. Apparently, it is not Tom Brady. However, he seems to have passed it on to the guy who usually catches his throws.

This time, it is Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman who reportedly knocked up this beautiful Swedish model and simply moved on to date another model. It would seem that he is trying to pull off what his buddy Brady did several years ago. Recently, Edelman has been spotted with famous model Adriana Lima, who has just been divorced.

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Ella Rose has recently filed paternity documents at the L.A. County Superior Court, identifying the Super Bowl champ as the father of the baby she is carrying. According to a report from TMZ, Rose and Edelman have dated casually for a couple of years. And the blonde model is extremely confident that he is indeed the child’s father.

Despite her being certain, the New England star was reported to have contested her claims initially. But later on, Edelman acknowledged that the baby is his.

In an exclusive with the Boston Globe, Rose shares that she is due this October and plans to deliver the baby in Massachusetts despite living in Los Angeles. In a separate report by the Boston Globe, the Swedish model was actually upset by the recent photos featuring Edelman and Lima. Looks like Tom Brady did pass it on to his wide receiver.

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Despite the controversy, a lot of Patriots fans went out to support the team in the first day of training camp. As of the moment though, Edelman is still recovering from a foot injury and is unable to train with the team.

Photo courtesy: Ella Rose/Instagram

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