NFL Rumors: Mike Wallace better now with Ravens than Steelers?

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Mike Wallace
Mike Wallace (photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Jeffrey Beall)

When Mike Wallace was starting in the NFL, he was seen as one of the most promising wide receivers. That was in 2009 and his time with the Pittsburgh Steelers all the way to 2012. Since then though is output has not been much. However, Wallace thinks he can still prove his critics wrong.

Wallace is now with the Baltimore Ravens after being with the Minnesota Vikings for one season. Before with the Vikings he was with the Miami Dolphins, the team he went to after he left the Steelers.

For much of the time after the Steelers though he has not made past 1,000 yards, as noted by Fox Sports. With the Steelers, he had made over 2,400 yards and 18 touchdowns for three seasons.

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Mike Wallace also had success in Miami, where he caught 73 passes in 2013 and then caught 10 touchdown passes in 2014. It was in 2015 though that he struggled much. During that season, he only made 39 catches and 473 yards and 2 touchdowns, far below what he had done in either Pittsburgh or Miami.

The question then is if he could still play the way he did. According to him he could still do it. He feels that he has become better than he was at the time with the Steelers.

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“I think I’ve gotten better, even though the numbers don’t say so,” Wallace said via ESPN.

Wallace added that he is better this year and would prove that with the Ravens. Perhaps there might be something to it, as some of the players in Baltimore have been impressed by him this offseason. One of those impressed is safety Eric Weddle.

“He’s talented, he can run fast, he’s committed, he’s eager,” Weddle observed via the same report.

The Ravens’ coach, John Harbaugh, also praised Wallace for his football intelligence and says that he will likely be a big part of the Ravens this coming season. The coming NFL season in September should show whether Mike Wallace still has that potential that he showed early in his career.

Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons/Jeffrey Beall

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