NFL Week 3: Pittsburgh Steelers threaten to “destroy” Carson Wentz

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Eagles player and rookie quarterback Carson Wentz has only been in his Week 2 of NFL season yet he is already making history with his amazing moves. Week 3 will bring the No. 2 draft pick face to face with some of the toughest players when the Eagles play against the Pittsburgh Steelers, who vowed to “destroy” him.

“We’re 300-pound people that can run really fast…Hopefully, he’ll run out of bounds. If not, you’ll see what can happen,” said Stephon Truitt, who is part of the Steelers defense line.

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The ‘threat’ came in reference to how Wentz played in the past two weeks, a gameplay that caused Eagles offensive coordinator Fred Reich to lose his cool. The cool-headed Reich, who already has 14 NFL seasons under his belt, reportedly issued a strong warning to Wentz that he will beat him up if the rookie will continue taking up hits. This was after the Eagles game in Chicago.

Even fans and sports analysts did not fail to observe that Wentz has been taking far too many hits during their games. Sure he led the Eagles in a 2-0 victory but he won’t last if he keeps on doing that, most especially that he is taking the hits when he scrambled upfield and not in the pocket.

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ESPN sports analyst Sal Paolantonio noted that Wentz hits stats is already 14 percent, the eighth highest this season. That does not sit well, most especially this week when they face the Steelers, which has a younger, faster, and stronger defense line.

Steelers defense Cam Heyward noted that he saw the “stupid spin” Wentz did during the Eagles – Bears game where the Eagles rookie neared the sidelines. Then, he did something surprising by going upfield, spinning, and taking a hit.

Heyward warned that Wentz had better remove that move from his gameplay or there will be a price to pay when he faces them this week. He also added that if that happens, it won’t sit well with the Eagles’ fans because they “don’t want to lose a guy who they’re counting on for years to come.”

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