NFL News: CB Josh Norman signs $75 million deal with Redskins

CB Josh Norman did not take long to be a free agent as he signed with the Washington Redskins with a massive $75 million worth of contract and $50 million in guarantees.

Corner back Josh Norman struck a deal with the Washington Redskins just days after the Carolina Panthers rescinded his contract. Norman got what he wished for – a multi deal contract that guarantees his future and the Redskins, who improved their defense, as well.

Ian Rapoport reported that the contract Norman got was a five-year deal worth $75 million and $50 million in guarantees. Not bad for the 28-year old who was only receiving $2.2 million on his rookie deal with the Panthers. After signing the deal, Norman himself told the world that he is no free agent no more.

The Panthers rescinded Norman’s franchise tag Wednesday after talks between the two sides went sour as Panther’s general manager Dave Gettleman stated they could give in to Norman’s request for a higher pay check. When the Panthers rescinded Norman’s contract, he became an all-star free agent and teams such as the San Francisco 49ers, Jacksonville Jaguars, Dallas Cowboys and Oakland Raiders were all buzzing to land the talented cornerback.

After a while analysts stated that Norman is most likely to go with either the 49ers or the Redskins and they were not wrong. Norman set a visit with the Redskins and it turned out to be the right pick for him after hearing their offer.

He brings in to the Redskins his credentials with 181 tackles, 36 pass deflections, seven interceptions, four forced fumbles and two touchdowns last season. Signing with the Redskins also renews his division rivalry with Giants’ wide reciver Odell Beckham Jr.

On the other hand, the Panthers’ plan did not work as they were thinking of getting Norman to sign with a much lesser pay check and with the season set to start, they are now scrambling to find a suitable replacement for him in the starting lineup.

Those chances get slimmer by the day as they will have to look into some of the available free agents and at the same time trim down their possible picks for the coming draft set to start on April 28 in Chicago.

Photo Courtesy: Washington Redskins @Redskins/Twitter

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