Odell Beckham Jr. calls NFL charge on Craig Sager cleats ‘absurd’

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Odell Beckham Jr. calls NFL fine on Craig Sager cleats ‘absurd’
New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. could not understand why the NFL fine him for honoring Craig Sager after wearing custom-made cleats.

New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. could not understand why the NFL fine him for honoring Craig Sager. Beckham was obviously referring to the custom-made cleats he wore and auction right after for charity’s sake.

According to TMZ, Beckham used custom-made cleats for a charitable cause during their match against the Lions. But the NFL said it was wrong and charge him with $18,000. Beckham noted that he auctioned the cleats right after the match and the money went to the cancer research institution.

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However, the NFL explained that wearing tribute cleats for charity in the past week were not approved. Beckham argues that if that would be the case, then Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott should also be fined. Elliott jumped into a life-size kettle for the benefit of his Salvation Army.

“It’s just the way the world works,” Beckham told ESPN. “There are double standards everywhere. It’s just how life is.”

How did Beckham take the NFL stand?

The 24-year old out of Louisiana State University posted on Instagram his sentiments and got some support as well. Beckham explained that what he did was a tribute to a man adored by many in sports but got punished. He added that proceeds from the auction went to Sager’s Strong Foundation.

Joining Beckham in blasting the NFL is Washington Redskins receiver DeSean Jackson, who was also fine for using non-conforming cleats. Jackson narrated the league did not even bother to give him a warning but instead charge him right away.

Beckham aims to stay defiant with the league even hinted on wearing “something special” when the Giants face the Eagles.

What is next for Beckham?

The Giants hunts for their formal entry into the playoffs and beating the Eagles Thursday night is the start. After that, they could wind up their regular season campaign with a match against the Redskins on Jan. 1.

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The Giants sport same 10-4 tally with the Kansas City Chiefs. But unlike the Chiefs, the Giants do have an easier assignment. They just hope no upset awaits them in the last two weeks of the regular season.

Meanwhile, the Chiefs themselves have two big matches coming up first against the Broncos on Christmas eve. Then they meet the Chargers on New Year eve.

Many see that with Beckham’s performance this season, he could eventually snag this year’s MVP honors. But Beckham wants a Super Bowl ring more than the MVP award.

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