Odell Beckham’s dream comes true, takes home Tom Brady’s jersey

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After not playing Thursday night’s 17-9 preeason victory against the Patriots, Odell Beckham, Jr. made sure to get a hold of Tom Brady’s jersey before the game started. The two superstars who met at midfield greeted each other with mutual respect followed by swapping of signed jerseys.

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The two had previously talked about swapping of jerseys in 2015 but Brady admittedly forgot about the whole thing.

“That’s why Beckham had joked with Brady on Thursday that the jersey must have been lost in the mail. At that point, Brady decided the hand-delivered route would be the way to go, telling Beckham they’d swap after the game,” ESPN reported.

“Any time you get a chance to talk to somebody like that, he’s made the playoffs for a very long time. Just kind of messing with him. I asked him if my jersey got lost in the mail; or what was going on with it. He was like, I got you after the game. So it’s pretty cool,” Beckham said.

“The Patriots have always been a team I didn’t really like because they were always winning. But Brady’s a legend, and if he would be willing to trade with me, I can’t even give you words for that,” he added.

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According to CBS Sports, it was a dream come true for the Giants receiver who has been known to be an avid jersey swap participant since his rookie days in 2014.

In a report he told the New York Times last year, he stated that Brady’s jersey has always been on his top list of jerseys for this collection.

The preseason finale ended with Brady’s 16-of-26 for 166 yards, a touchdown, and one interception.

Photo courtesy: Brian M. Wilbur/Wikimedia Commons

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