Patriots versus Seahawks: A game to watch out for

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patriots versus seahawks
Picture Courtesy: Jack Kurzenknabe/ Flickr

With quarterback Tom Brady in timeout for the initial four weeks, the other teams, as well as NFL aficionados and critics, expected the rest of the NFL to get back on track. But the Patriots versus Seahawks match promises to be a truly riveting game of excellence a far cry from the usual mediocrity shown by NFL teams this season.

With the 2016 season past the halfway mark, New England Patriots are sitting aloft a 7-1 perch looking down below at their lesser counterparts in the NFL.

The form of Brady had been nothing short of cataclysmic for the teams facing the Patriots. He has completed 73.1 percent of all of his passes.

The defense had also been top-notch. So much that the Patriots did not hesitate to dispatch Jamie Collins to Cleveland jest before the trade deadline and instead opted for a draft pick in the middle rounds in order to save some money that may be better spent elsewhere they felt, according to

If there is any team that can puncture the tires of the Patriots highway cruise, it is the Seahawks. For the Seahawks, it is the time for redemption as they prepare for the Patriots versus Seahawks showdown. It is their chance to avenge the loss of Super Bowl XLIX.

The Seattle Seahawks are placed 25th in possession time and with a defense that leaves much to be desired. Russell Wilson, the quarterback is limited by his injuries in the pectoral muscles and the knees. Seattle’s offense is in need of a running game. It has only 75.4 rushing yards each game which place them above only the Vikings and the Giants.

With the Patriots standing at 96-24 in the course of weeks 9 to 16 since the year 2001, unfortunately for Seattle, the Patriots enter the game as favorites in the Patriots versus Seahawks game reports

Picture Courtesy: Jack Kurzenknabe/ Flickr

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