Peyton Manning and Denver Broncos are at loggerheads?

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Peyton Manning is still not sure of his decision whether he will retire or continue his career in the National Football League (NFL).

The 39-year-old quarterback was instrumental in Denver Broncos winning the Super Bowl 50. Perhaps this is why they are patiently waiting for him to make the announcement. Not only the Broncos but other teams are also waiting for his decision.

Others might have run out of patience but not a team like the Broncos. The teams’ general manager, John Elway said that the team will give Manning more time to arrive at a decision, reports ESPN.

Speaking on Thursday, Elway revealed that Manning “still needs more time”. Elway met Manning at his house for two hours on Tuesday.

“I met with Peyton a couple nights ago and we had a good talk, and as I said after the game [Denver’s Super Bowl 50 victory], we’re going to give him as much time as he needs, and he still needs some more time,” Elway said.

“We’re going to afford him that time. He deserves that after 18 years in this league, but we’re going to afford him that time to figure out what he wants to do.”

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Elway also revealed that the ball is still in Peyton’s court. Echoing Elway, Broncos coach Gary Kubiak too said that the team will patiently wait for Manning’s decision.

”There is no hurry here,” he said, reports FOX Sports.

Kubiak also said that he had a brief conversation with the NFL player and will be talking with him again this week. According to him nothing has changed and the team wants Peyton to take his time.

This then leaves quarterback Brock Osweiler’s future in the team still undecided. If Peyton decides to continue his career then a new set of negotiations would have to be opened up. And Osweiler’s status in the team too would have to be decided.

“We’re really not in a hurry. Brock knows what we have to offer. We have a lot of interest in Brock. We’d like to do something with Brock,” Elway said.

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