Peyton Manning to be honored in Indianapolis

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Peyton Manning is coming back home.

A week after announcing his retirement from the sport, Peyton Manning is returning to Indianapolis where his road to greatness started. In a report published by The Denver Post, the Indianapolis Colts is set to honor Manning at the Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center at 10 am Friday.

It is worth noting that this is not an official retirement ceremony for Manning as a Colts. The Broncos have placed him on the reserved/retired list of the team. Denver owns the rights to Peyton Manning.

The press conference comes almost exactly four years since the last time Colts owner Jim Irsay called an emotional press conference announcing that they were releasing Manning.

The Indianapolis Colts will be honoring Peyton Manning, whom they made their no. 1 picks in the 1998 NFL Draft. During the 13 seasons, he played for the Colts, Manning had set numerous franchise records. He had 7,210 career pass attempts, 4,682 completions, 54,828 passing yards, 399 passing touchdowns, 46 game-winning drives, and 35 fourth-quarter comebacks. He led the Colts to eight divisional titles and two Super Bowls. He won four of his five career MVP awards and 11 of his 14 Pro Bowl selections with the Colts.

The Colts released Manning in 2012 after sitting out a season to recover from four neck surgeries. In March of that same year, he was picked up by Broncos, which he led to four consecutive AFC West titles, two Super Bowl appearances, and one Super Bowl title.

Although there seemed to be some animosity between Irsay and Manning after the latter signed with the Broncos, the two seemed to have buried the hatchet. Irsay was one of the first people to release a statement after Manning’s retirement on March 7.

“Few have left their marks on a sport as Peyton Manning has. Simply put, he revolutionized NFL football, energized it as had no one before him.”

Photo Courtesy: Ytoyoda/

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