NFL News: Raiders move to Las Vegas from Oakland nearing reality

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Oakland Raiders and New England Patriots in a slugfest for AFC leadership
Both Oakland Raiders and New England Patriots already assured themselves of a playoffs berth but both teams still in a slugfest for the AFC leadership.

The Oakland Raiders franchise move to Las Vegas, Nevada is almost official. According to reports, the team has already filed the paperwork to the NFL for the transfer of the Raiders to the gambling city in the United States.

It’s now up to the other NFL owners to vote for or against the Raiders’ move. NFL owners will meet in March to tackle the Raiders’ move to Las Vegas from Oakland plus other league issues.

Raiders move to Las Vegas tackled in March 2017

If approved by the league owners and the NFL, the Raiders franchise transfer will most likely happen by the 2020 NFL season. The stadium in Las Vegas will be built first and the team will stay in Oakland for the meantime. There are also questions on the proposed $1.9 billion stadium and who will fund the expensive new home of the Raiders.

Ian Rapoport of confirmed the news via social media. He said that the paperwork for the Raiders franchise move has been submitted to the league office. Also reported that the March vote will decide the Raiders’ fate.

Aside from the stadium issues, the Raiders moving to Las Vegas creates new problems for the league. The NFL is against sports gambling in previous years. Though that could have changed already. The NFL being one of the popular leagues in fantasy sports and sports betting.

“The unique thing about Las Vegas is it’s a jewel for our country. It really can be a plus for the ‘wow’ factor. And for the NFL.” Jerry Jones, team owner of the Dallas Cowboys, stated recently about the possible move for the Raiders.

If the Raiders’ move to Las Vegas is approved, they will be the third team in the NFL to move in the last two years. The Rams left St. Louis and the Chargers left San Diego for Los Angeles recently.

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