Ravens lose one week of OTAs for violation of workout rules

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The Baltimore Ravens are off on voluntary team workouts for three days starting June 01 to 03 for not following the OTA rules.

The Ravens used pads on players for five minutes on a rookie mini-camp last May 6, which is against the NFL’s Collective Bargaining Agreement that states that teams are not allowed to let their players wear full pads before a training camp.

Besides the forfeit of one of week OTAs, the team and coach John Harbaugh have also been fined with $343,057 for the Ravens and $137,223 for Harbaugh.

The Ravens were honest about the violation and said through their statement that they are sorry for their mistake and that they accept the punishment the NFL has put on them.

Coach Harbaugh took the blame for the incident, saying the players and other coaches should not worry about the violation because it’s “all on him.” He said that it was a rookie development day, and he read the handbook of rules wrong.

The Ravens said that they were not aware that the same rule goes for rookies, but the NFL was firm on their decision.

Harbaugh tried to be positive and see the punishment as a good thing, for the players can take a rest after 6 weeks of hard work.

This is the second time the Baltimore Ravens were punished for violating the offseason rules, the first time was when 6 players told the player’s union about being kept late after practices and being called out on late meetings. Their last week of OTAs was canceled.

Photo courtesy: Twitter/ SI NFL

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