Robert Griffin III could be out of the NFL next season, says report

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Robert Griffin III will start for the Browns
Robert Griffin III’s hard work has paid off as Cleveland Brown’s Head Coach Hue Jackson has announced that he will be their starting quarterback when the NFL season kicks off. However, rumors are swirling if he would be able to make a difference for the Browns in the coming season.

The Cleveland Browns had high hopes for Robert Griffin III when they signed him last offseason. However, an injury in his first game forced him to miss the last three months. He returned earlier this month but one reported believes RG3 is playing in his last season in the NFL.

Cleveland still winless

The Browns are in danger of becoming the first team since the 2008 Detroit Lions to post a 0-16 record. They still have two games remaining but they are expected to lose both games. They host the San Diego Chargers on Christmas Eve before finishing the season at Pittsburgh on New Year’s Day against the Steelers.

According to the official website of the Browns, Robert Griffin III will start against the Chargers on Friday. However, head coach Hue Jackson is open to playing Cody Kessler if RG3 struggles early in the game.

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Possible final season for Robert Griffin III

Despite showing some improvements in his last two games, Chris Chase of FOX Sports believes this season is the final one in RG3’s career. He pointed out that no team will have a starting spot for him while his ego prevents him from being a viable backup.

“The NFL career of Robert Griffin III is on life support, and the next two weeks will be a prolonged pulling of the plug. In what feels a ritual sacrifice, Griffin is being set up to fail in Cleveland’s final two games, when he’ll be faced with the impossible task of erasing the memory of an injury-filled season bookended with mediocre, slow-motion play,” Chase wrote.

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Will a team take a chance on RG3 next season?

The problem for Robert Griffin III next season is he still believes he is a starting quarterback. He could not even be a good backup quarterback because he has not been good and healthy for the most part of his NFL career. Sad to say, Robert Griffin III might not get signed by a team next season.

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