Houston Texans take on underrated Jacksonville Jaguars

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texans versus jaguars
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On the roster of the NFL, the fixture of Houston Texans versus Jacksonville Jaguars promises much drama. The Texans come into the match with a record of 5-3 while the Jaguars fare a dismal 2-6.

As the  noted that the Texans hold pole position in the AFC South in spite of the fact they have three losses on their record. Coincidentally Denver, the former team of Osweiler also has a record of three losses. But unfortunately, they are placed third in their respective division.

Houston has to register its first road win in this particular season in order to come out of the shadow of being a default leader of a particular division. And a win in the Texans versus Jaguars game would help them achieve some degree of credibility.

If one were to see turnovers in this game it would most certainly be a welcome change. Jacksonville has the dubious distinction of not having taken the ball from the hands of an opponent in no less than 19 quarters. That is the reason that lies behind its rank as the team with the lowest turnover ratio in the entire NFL.

The quarterbacks who start the game have 19 interceptions when taken together. And this fact will in some ways dictate the eventual shape of the game.

But dubious distinctions plague both sides to be fair. The Texans are yet to win outside and the performance of Brock Lobster is nothing to write home about. For the statistically inclined, it is mere 4.12 yards per attempt with a lowly 58.9 passer rating.

The Jaguar team members will undoubtedly play to retain their places in the team notes In the first three-quarters of the game they have been outscored by 85 points during the course of the season. But they have scored 23 plus in the fourth.

Picture Courtesy: US Air Force/

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