Tim Tebow becomes bait for college football recruitment at former rival school

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Tim Tebow

Instead of an NFL contract, quarterback Tim Tebow becomes the face of Ohio State Buckeyes recruitment.

This is despite the fact that Tim Tebow played for the Florida Gators in college. He even helps defeat Ohio State Buckeyes at the 2007 national championships. While the connection may not be obvious, it lies in Tebow’s former coach who now heads Ohio State’s football team, Urban Meyer.

In a bid to attract potential football talents to come play for Ohio State, the school’s football Twitter page sent out a tweet with the quarterback posing with his former coach. It even included a quote of Tebow’s tackling championships. The tweet read “Winning championships. The only goal.#GoBucks

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Ohio State is being aggressive in their recruitment for the football team since their lineup is missing four starters.

Meanwhile, Tim Tebow may have to thank Ohio State for bringing him back into the limelight. Talking to Larry King, Tim Tebow is adamant that he will stay as a quarterback even if no NFL franchise wants to take him back to the field.

Asked whether he might relent at changing positions, “I think that’s one that’s really important is life is that we pursue our passions. You pursue what’s in your heart, you pursue what you’re passionate about. And for me, the game of football is the position of quarterback,” Tim said.

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Though he did not say whether any teams had talked to him regarding his NFL comeback, Tim has shared that he still talks to his former teammates.

CBS Sports reports that Tim Tebow has been out of NFL since his 2012 appearance for the New York Jets. He first played for the NFL on 2012 before suffering from poor plays and contracted time.

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