Tim Tebow talks about how God used him to reach people; Ex-NFL QB asks people to have faith

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Former National Football League (NFL) and Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow feels that one doesn’t need to be a celebrity in order to spread God’s messages to people. Tebow may not feature in an NFL game presently, but the 28-year-old regularly motivates people to reach out and help through his speeches and charities.

Tebow stressed the Christians to clear their doubt of reaching out to people. He asked them to rely on God and venture out to help the ones in need.

“You might think, ‘I’ not a role model. There aren’t these people that are looking up to me.’ And my response to that is: There is probably someone who is looking up to you. There is someone that their life is going to be changed because of you. The question is, ‘Is it going to be changed for the better or the worse.” Tebow said in front of an audience of 2,000 at Northside Christian Church, as reported by The Fresno Bee.

The man born in Makati, Philippines who featured in the NFL from 2010-2012 explained how God used him to reach other people. Tebow stressed on the fact that he was unaware of what he was doing that could have a big impact.

Tebow mentioned how he used Bible verses of Philippians 4:13 and John 3:16 in the eye black, which is a grease applied under the eye to protect one from the stadium glare.

During one of Tebow’s matches for the University of Florida, his coach received a call which stated that the game had 94 million people Google John 3:16. The 6-ft-3 QB mentioned how this incident made him realize the amazing things God can do.

The former New York Jets player mentioned that people do not need to have a celebrity status or sports background to do amazing things. Everyone is qualified and has talent, it depends on what one does with it.

Photo courtesy: Jeffrey Beall/

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