Titans vs. Chargers 2016: Things to watch out for

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Titans vs Chargers
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The much anticipated Titans vs Chargers is due for Monday. As fans await the NFL drama to unfold itself we take a look at few points that promise to make the match an exciting and riveting one.

Much will depend on whether Marcus Mariota, the Titans quarterback can keep up the heat on his opponents. The season’s second quarter saw Mariota ranked 2ns in the NFL with a passer rating of 120.7 only behind Tom Brady. Mariota has thrown 10 touchdown passes to his credit with only a single interception in the games 5-8. In contrast, the chargers defense has done its bit to disappoint them and are placed in the 24th spot in NFL pass defense. In all, they have allowed quarterbacks of the opposing team complete 62.8% of passes.

DeMarco Murray, the running back of Titans has passed the 100-yard yardstick in no less than 4 of the last 6 six games played by the team. He is ranked second in NFL rushing as the season runs through its first half. This places the Titans in an enviable position ahead of the anticipates Titans vs Chargers game. Rookie Derrick Henry has proved that he has capable shoulders that may be relied upon in case Murray suffers a setback according to

Philip Rivers of the Chargers are another name to watch out for in the Titans vs Chargers showdown. Consistency has been the key element in his game and he is been at it for several years and the numbers testify this fact especially this season. He has 15 touchdowns to his credit with only seven interceptions and has a rating of 93.8.

The Chargers also have the services of running back Melvin Gordon much to their delight. He has 572 rushing yards in all in addition to 24 catches for 219 yards along with 10 touchdowns in the present season.

Delanie Walker the tight end of Titans has an injury and his inclusion in the paying team will be a decision taken at game-time according to

Picture Courtesy: Mario957/Wikipedia

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