Tony Romo not ruling out NFL return; Leaving CBS for Houston Texans possible

Tony Romo (Photo courtesy: Bigcats lair/Wikimedia Commons)
PHOTOGRAPH: Bigcats lair/Wikimedia Commons | Tony Romo

Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo isn’t closing the door for an NFL return yet despite committing to becoming CBS’ potential replacement for Phil Simms. According to the latest NFL rumors, Romo may consider leaving CBS to join the Houston Texans.

With the rise of Dak Prescott, Romo’s era in Dallas has officially come to an end. In the past months, the 36-year-old quarterback expressed his intention to join a Super Bowl contender with the Houston Texans and the Denver Broncos as top destinations. However, there are also speculations that Romo is considering a permanent NFL retirement.

Tony Romo as CBS lead analyst; Replacing Phil Simms

Tony Romo received multiple offers to become a football analyst. Fox Sports first expressed their interest in getting Romo’s service. CBS joined the mix where Romo reportedly gave a commitment. According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, CBS wants Romo to become their lead analyst as a potential replacement for Phil Simms in the booth.

With his wide knowledge of the sport, Romo will surely be a successful analyst. Dallas Maverick owner Mark Cuban believes Romo will thrive in.

“I think he’ll be great,” Cuban said.”He’s got a knowledge of the game that few do, and he’s going to recognize everything on the field faster than anybody and be able to be a lot more insightful. I think he’ll do a great job.”

However, some people criticized the decision of CBS to hire Romo knowing that he has no experience in broadcasting. TNT’s Ernie Johnson has strong belief that Romo can only be a great analyst if he can work it out.

“I think if you have the natural ability to communicate and a good way about you and you’ll just be yourself, I think a lot of that takes care of itself,” Johnson said in a recent interview on 105.3 The Fan. “And I think the danger is if you have this reputation of being somebody who is quick with a phrase and speaking his mind and then suddenly when the light goes on, you clam up, then it’s not going to work.”

NFL Rumors: Tony Romo joining the Houston Texans

Despite committing to CBS, Tony Romo leaves his door open for a possible NFL return. According to Todd Archer of ESPN, the veteran quarterback hasn’t filed a retirement paper with the NFL yet. If he considers continuing his NFL career, the Houston Texans will prove to be an interesting destination.

If the Texans fail to acquire a talented quarterback in the 2017 NFL Draft, adding Romo to their team would be the best option. As most people think, the Texans are only a good quarterback away from being a legitimate Super Bowl contender.

Photo courtesy: Bigcats lair/Wikimedia Commons

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