Tony Romo trade soon as GMs meet with Cowboys QB to schedule workout

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Tony Romo is now allowed to be in contact with other NFL teams as the Dallas Cowboys try to facilitate a trade involving their veteran quarterback, according to latest NFL rumors. Jerry Jones, the owner of the team, has reportedly given the go-signal for other teams to try to acquire Romo. Is a Tony Romo trade coming soon?’s Mike Garofolo tweeted on Monday: “Jerry Jones notified all NFL GMs they are permitted to contact Tony Romo or his agent to schedule a workout, visit or physical, source says.”

Cowboys no choice but to waive Romo if no trade is done

There are NFL rumors that Dallas will eventually have to release Romo to free agency but for the meantime, the Cowboys are trying to gauge the interest on their veteran QB. Garofolo added that the Cowboys have “informed clubs” that talks should be “limited to conversations concerning Romo’s contract.”

Romo’s name has been connected to other NFL teams like the Houston Texans and Denver Broncos. Both are good teams that can be Super Bowl contenders in the new NFL season with Romo under center.

Romo wants to prove that he can still be a starting quarterback in the league after losing his job in Dallas because of Dak Prescott. The latter is a star rookie who took the league by storm last year and led the Cowboys to one of the best records in the league.

With Prescott showing superstar promise, the injury-prone Romo had no choice but to be a backup last season. For the new season, Romo wants a fresh start and play for a contender as a starting quarterback.

Denver Broncos remain in play for Tony Romo trade

According to Yahoo Sports, the Broncos could struggle this 2017 season if they stick with their current line-up. They have very young quarterbacks in the form of 23-year-old Paxton Lynch and 25-year-old Trevor Siemian.

Both could be starters but getting Tony Romo from Dallas could be the move they make to turn them into Super Bowl contenders. If the Broncos manage to get Romo, this would be a similar move to when they acquired past-prime Peyton Manning, who led the team to a Super Bowl title two years ago.

For his NFL career, Romo has logged 34,183 passing yards on 65.3% completion rate with 249 touchdowns against 117 interceptions. Romo has made the NFL Pro Bowl team four times—in 2006, 2007, 2009, and 2014. Unfortunately for Romo, he has only led the Cowboys to the NFL playoffs four times. Twice they got eliminated in the opening round of the postseason.

Is a Tony Romo trade coming soon? If the Cowboys have their way they just want some draft picks for their veteran quarterback.

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