With Tony Romo return uncertain Dak Prescott pulls the ball

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tony romo return
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The position of the quarterback is going to be a problem for the Dallas Cowboys as Tory Romo gets close to getting going once again, in full glory. But the problem of too many choices, as they say, is infinitely more preferable than too few. That is the view prevalent on the verge of the Tony Romo Return.

Dak Prescott finally owned up to his status of a rookie with promise, the legendary dark horse. On Sunday the Dallas Cowboys score a 29- 23 win in overtime in a game where they were pitted against the Philadelphia Eagles in their sixth consecutive victory.

But the star of the show was undoubtedly was Prescott as he reincarnated himself as the new Romo. And the timing couldn’t have been better for both the Cowboys as well as Prescott himself.

In overtime, with the clock ticking away, Prescott revealed the magic touch by the completion of all of the five passes that he received for 56 yards in the extra session. His 5-yard touchdown pass to Jason Witten proved to be the eventual game-winner according to ESPN.

For the moment, Jerry Jones the general manager and owner of the Cowboys put down the issue of Tony Romo return for the future. He said “The main thing is that I don’t want to speculate on what we’re going to do when the time comes,” Jones said, reported He further continued “I know that Tony is making a lot of progress. His strength in his key area, his back area, is stronger than it was at any time last year after he had an early injury on his shoulder. All of that bodes well for us,” he said of the status of the Tony Romo return

Dallas is placed comfortably in the top spot in the NFC and has a two-game lead in NFC East.

Picture Courtesy: sanden./flickr

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