NFL news: Roddy White might retire if no contender picks him; Patriots possible choice

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Roddy White
Roddy White (photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Thomson200)

Former Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White will retire if he isn’t picked by a team. And not just any team, but a team that has a chance at least for the postseason. He has also stated that he is fine if no one would pick him as he is prepared for it.

“I’m considering playing for a winner, but if not I’m just fine where I am right now,” White said, as ESPN reports. As a veteran player, other teams would be more than interested in getting him. However, White said that he isn’t looking to just work again but is looking to get into a team that will make it to the postseason or the Super Bowl even.

As the Falcons’ all-time wide receiver, there won’t be any shortage of teams who might want to use his talent. With the Falcons, he has made 10,863 yards and 808 catches, out of which 63 of those were converted to touchdowns. Such a record would be a valuable asset for any team.

He said he has sat down with his agent to go through the teams that needed wide receivers, says the AJC. What outlook didn’t seem promising with any of the teams they looked at. Very few teams meet the standard that White has for a team, though there are teams that could fit what he is looking for.

One such team that might fit that is the New England Patriots. With the Patriots having a good record of making it past the postseason and even become Super Bowl contenders, it would be the team White might consider. That is if the Patriots are looking for a wide receiver outside their team.

The Patriots have their hands full in looking for a wide receiver as there are contenders for the position. Aaron Dobson and Keshawn Martin are said to be the most likely to end up with the position for the Pats, Bleacher Report notes. Given that situation, White’s options might be limited.

The Baltimore Ravens are said to be considering him but talks have been inconclusive. As White said, he is looking to at least six teams, though he would rather retire as a Falcon if none from other teams would pick him.

Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons/Thomson200

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