Who will the Denver Broncos name as the starting quarterback

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Mark Sanchez, in a 2014 photo with the Philadelphia Eagles. (photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Keith Allison)

Peyton Manning has retired while Brock Osweiler has gone to Houston. For the Denver Broncos, being the defending champion of the new NFL season isn’t going to be easy, though that might somewhat be eased while still in the offseason. The Broncos has Mark Sanchez, Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch to work with during the summer.

It would not be easy though, even if the Broncos has three to choose from as its starting quarterback. Sanchez has the most experience among the three with 75 games under the New York Jets and Philadelphia Eagles. However, he has also an injury to his non-throwing thumb, ESPN notes.

Choosing would be difficult as Lynch, even though he is considered a rookie among the three, did impress teammates last season. At Memphis, he has thrown the ball for 3,776 yards and has 82 touchdowns with just four interceptions. That is bound to make any coach to take notice. Siemian meanwhile has been with the Broncos long enough to know much of how the team plays, serving as its number two quarterback while Manning was injured last year.

Nothing is set for the Broncos yet, as Andrew Mason of explained to CBS Sports. As it is, there is still a wide open competition for the starting quarterback position. As Mason has said, when coach Gary Kubiak says there would be a wide open competition, he is serious about it.

For Sanchez, it would be a challenge for him to prove himself to the team. Even though he has the most experience among the candidates, he has just been acquired by the Broncos last March through trade. Still, he is up to the task of proving himself. Kubiak also feels that Sanchez is up to the task of leading the team.

“We really feel good about him, how he fits,” Kubiak said of Sanchez. “He’s got some background in what we do.” Kubiak though is not counting the other candidates out. He, for instance, sees Lynch as having the potential even though he might still be a rookie for the post. For now, though the Broncos will have to wait until at least the preseason to see who will be its starting quarterback.

Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons/Keith Allison

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