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Billionaire Mark Cuban challenges Donald Trump to a four-hour interview, pledges to give Trump $10 million

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Billionaire Mark Cuban
Photo courtesy: JD Lasica/Flickr

ABC’s Shark Tank star and billionaire Mark Cuban had been very critical about how he thinks of Republican nominee Donald Trump’s policies. In a series of tweets, Cuban had made statements pertaining to Trump’s presidential campaign and in his latest tweet, he challenged Trump to an interview.

According to Fortune, before any of the interview challenge started, Trump had initially responded to some of Cuban’s comments about him by saying that Cuban is someone who is ‘not smart enough to understand what we are doing’.

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This is not just an ordinary interview as Cuban stated that he would donate $10 million to the charity of Trump’s choice if he could interview Trump for four hours to talk about his policies.

“$10mm to the charity of YOUR choice if you let ME interview you for 4 hrs on YOUR policies and their substance,” Cuban said in a tweet. “Ground rules are that you can’t mention the Clintons or discuss anything other than the details and facts of [your] plans and no one else is in the room to help. Just me, you and a broadcast crew. Deal?”

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“In the event Donald wins, I have no doubt in my mind the market tanks,” he added. “If the polls look like there’s a decent chance that Donald could win, I’ll put a huge hedge on that’s over 100% of my equity positions… that protects me just in case he wins.”

In an article posted by Forbes, billionaire Mark Cuban is only the second billionaire this week to offer Trump a money deal. On Monday, Cuban’s fellow Trump critic and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman had also offered to donate up to $5 million to veterans group if Trump releases his tax returns.

Photo courtesy: JD Lasica/Flickr

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