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Buckingham Palace to undergo renovation costing taxpayers $600M

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Buckingham Palace
Photo Courtesy: Jimmy Harris / Flickr

Labor officials are alarmed that the Queen has been granted a large sum of money for the renovation.

Buckingham Palace Officials hope the public would appeal to the £369m ($600M) renovation positively.

The Queen doesn’t have a plan to move out during the renovation.

Back in 1992, fire at the Buckingham Palace caused £36M ($60M) of damage. The fire greatly ruined several beautiful old rooms including the Queen’s private chapel, valuable paintings, chandeliers and carpets. The misfortune was part of the Queen’s infamous “annus horribilis’.

Royal officials have long complained of the crumbling building and the need for it to be updated. The palace’s cables, lead pipes, wiring and boilers are barely updated since the fire incident. Palace officials warned the royals that there could be a risk of potential  “catastrophic building failure” if the repairs were not carried out.

According to BBC, the Queen was given a grant at around £43m. That is 15% of the profits from Crown Estates. However, trustees said the grant could rise up to 25% to fund the repairs.

Labour’s MP for Stockton North, Alex Cunningham said the royals must also make a contribution to the fund.

“I have always respected the fact that we have a royal family. But I know they also have vast wealth and I don’t know what sort of contributions they will be making towards this project,”, said Cunningham.

However, SNP officials are alarmed that the government is willing to spend a large sum of money in spite of austerity. SNP MP Hannah Bardell said it’s an irony that the Tory Government are cutting off some officials to save funds, but willing to spend money for the renovation. According to Bardell, this could lead to the poorest of the society suffering even more.

The Palace is set to do the renovation next April 2017. The project is expected to last 10 years. The Queen, however, doesn’t have a plan of moving out while the renovation is going on. Palace officials are hoping that the “future-proof” renovation could appeal to public’s “sense of nationhood”.

The Buckingham Palace has been the residence of the monarchs of the United Kingdom. Located in the City of Westminister, the palace has been the venue for glittering state occasions.

Photo Courtesy: Jimmy Harris / Flickr

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