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Hamilton cast won’t apologize to appease Donald Trump; Musicians extend support on Twitter

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Hamilton cast won't apologize to appease Donald Trump; Musicians extend support on Twitter
Image courtesy: Pete Souza/ Wikimedia Commons

The cast of the hit broadway show “Hamilton” is rude. The Hamilton cast harassed the future Vice President of America Mike Pence. They revealed that this is the most anxious moment in the history of US. The new President-elect Donald Trump took to Twitter in no time. He asked the Hamilton cast to apologize to Mike Pence.

What is Hamilton show all about?

Hamilton: An American Musical is the musical narration about Alexander Hamilton. He was one of the founding fathers of America. The show is written by Lin-Manuel Miranda inspired by a 2004 biography. Hamilton is hugely popular in Broadway and off-Broadway theatres.

President Barack Obama and his family regularly go to the screening of Hamilton. In March, the White House had a private screening of the show. Obama called it “one hot ticket.”

However, the culture might no longer be reciprocated by the White House now. The show is notorious for casting African-Americans, Latinos and Asian performers over native Americans.

Will Donald Trump take advantage of that ‘bias’?

What happened on Friday at the Hamilton show?

According to the tweet posted by Donald Trump, Mike Pence was harassed in audience by the cast of Hamilton. The to-be Vice President Pence was invited on stage by the producers. He seemed rather surprised on stage. When the cast member Brandon Dixon read the ‘compassionate’ message on behalf of the troupe, things changed. The audience booed and jeered at Pence and his Presidential colleague Donald Trump.

The Richard Rogers Theatre is usually a very exciting place to be. On Friday, it turned into a tense war-zone. It was mayhem when the speech went viral on social media.

Donald Trump does not mince his words. For him Hamilton cast is rude. This means that the producers have to apologize to Pence.

What musicians said about the Hamilton cast’s speech?

Meanwhile, music stars have rendered unconditional support to the troupe. Katty Perry, Pink, Axl Rose and John Legend took to Twitter to extend their views on American Freedom of Thought. However, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Stevie Van Zandt criticized the Hamilton cast for singaling out Pence on stage. Pence was a guest. Guests are protected and not ridiculed.

 What happens to the Hamilton cast now?

It is not clear if the cast has rendered an official apology so far.

However, they are garnering massive support from their fans and contemporaries. Will Donald Trump punish the multi-cultural cast? Since its inaugration, the Hamilton cast has symbolized American sensibilities and solidarity.

Meanwhile, the show’s lead producer Jeffrey Seller hopes that Donald Trump and Mike Pence would demonstrate empathy towards the Hamilton cast.

The Founding Father Alexander Hamilton should be amused at the new president.

Image courtesy: Pete Souza/ Wikimedia Commons

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