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Hot sex, sensuous oral sex, how getting down & dirty with your man could save your sex life

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hot sex, Photo courtesy: Jonathan Rolande/Flickr
simple tips for hot sex, how oral sex could save your sex life

The general rule for men to end up having hot sex is to develop an intimate relationship with their partners. Women want to feel secure and nothing gives them more of that feeling than when they are with someone who reinforces that idea of being appreciative and nice to them.

Sex becomes more of a psychological connection than a physical act. By being mutually aware of each other’s needs through constant communication, and openness relieves us of our insecurities, pent up desires and fears.

Hot sex is the ultimate expression of who we are, and you’d be surprised at how much our desires vary.

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There are a lot of things we could learn or follow to fulfill our hot sex desires in bed, but what if we just finally gave in to our animal instincts and just pound away? Perhaps touching base with our most primal desires would lead us to wild explorations with our partners.

Men love it when their partners get down and dirty. Yes, go ahead and kneel before him and suck it. You’d be surprised to see how oral sex works wonders in unleashing the beast in him.

In fact, according to a report by Glamour some men prefer being given oral sex than sex itself. It’s the man’s dominant nature on the works, and girls, whether you like it or not, you are your man’s conquest. Most men love it when a girl goes down on him longer, deeper, even choking, looking up and establishing contact with those kitty eyes.

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Oral sex is perfect for women to perform on his man before an entry, to raise his arousal level. It is also great for finishing up, making him ejaculate- a perfect ending to hot sex. Perhaps consider swallowing too? Some women have mastered the art of choking with it and stroking rhythmically with their hands, with a bobbing motion as their man pounds on them.

“Apply lube to his penis and wrap your hand around the base. Then, suck the tip while moving your hand up and down. It can feel like deep-throating to him,” Sex Therapist Debra Laino said, as she shares a tip.

And don’t be afraid to experiment. Remember that hot sex is our way of expressing ourselves, and trying new things keeps the excitement levels up. Talk to your partner; be open about your fantasies. Listen to each other’s needs, well, unless of course if the other has her mouth full.

Photo courtesy: Jonathan Rolande/Flickr

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