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Former CNN popular host collapses in Beverly Hills; fears about Cancer and heart disease (NEW)

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Is Larry King dead
Is Larry King dead CNN Shawn King Richard Greene Larry King collapses in Beverly Hills Street. Fears regarding Cancer, heart ailment, and diabetes

American TV and radio host Larry King, CNN ‘s biggest celebrity, and widely popular host for the show Larry King Live has been suffering from heart disease for decades.

Now at the age of 82, concerns are starting to surface about his welfare, and overall health, especially after his wife Shawn King has been rocked by rumors and cheating scandals.

Unconfirmed reports have surfaced a couple of months ago that Shawn King, Larry‘s wife of 19 years, has been having an affair with a man named Richard Greene, who’s a former lawyer living in Los Angeles, California.

It is said that these rumors have embarrassed Larry King greatly, but the couple continues to show up together in public, as well as continue to live together under the same roof merely for the sake of their kids.

Larry King has been married eight times to seven women. Mr. and Mrs. King had filed for divorce in 2010, but later on stopping the proceedings.

If such cheating scandal were true, it certainly wouldn’t do him any good, especially with his nagging heart ailment that has made him undergo a quintuple-bypass surgery in 1987.

But according to a report by the Washington Post Larry King denied these rumors saying, “We stand together in support of our marriage and our family in opposition to malicious gossip and false tabloid innuendo to the contrary.”

However, there are now serious fears stemming from a report that Larry King collapsed while walking along Beverly Hills Street.

Is Larry King dead?

According to a report by Radar Online friends of the King, family fears that his Cancer has returned. Larry allegedly stumbled on all fours, even as a woman on the street attempted to grab his arm.

Apart from his heart problems, and history with Cancer, King is also a diabetic, which has made him obsessed with his health, as he is known to be terrified simply thinking of his death.

Is Larry King dead? Fortunately, sources close to the family say he is doing well. In fact, they say “he is healthy as a horse.”

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