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Latest News: US Military desperate to be in Syria despite growing Russian belligerence in Europe

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Latest: US Military desperate to be in Syria despite growing Russian belligerence in Europe
Image courtesy: tpsdave/ Pixabay

While the country goes for voting to choose its next President, the United States of America continues its aggressive military expansion all over the world. The US military is currently engaged in an active war-like situation in at least five highly volatile regions, spanning from East Africa to South China.

Amidst the reports that USA is reinforcing its troops in Eastern Europe to take on Russia, the highest ranking official of the US Armed Forces met his Turkish counterpart to discuss the possibilities of a joint campaign against the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. The possibility of a US-Turkish is high on the cards, much like the coveted US-Afghan front fighting against the Taliban in the Pashtun region.

Turkish chief Hulusi Akar met the US military head to launch combat actions against the ISIS in Al-bab and Al-Raqqah respectively. While the Turkish military made the announcement, US-backed rebel forces have moved close to the ISIS capital, Al-Raqqah. Backed by US-led coalition air strikes, the Syria Democratic Front (SDF) is only 30 miles from kicking out Daesh from the city. SDF’s Kurdish YPG group is backed by US military, even as the rebel group is viewed as a hostile force in Turkey.

Meanwhile, in a set back to the joint Afghan-US operation, the US military confirmed that 30 civilians and two US service members perished in an offensive launched against the Taliban in Kunduz city. Will the US military-Turkey operation too face similar fate in Syria?

US military is on tenterhooks, as it faces hostilities from Russian that is deploying its troops and missiles along Ukraine, from North Korea and from China aspiring to seize the South China Sea.

Last week, it was reported that the US military has expanded its drone base to North Africa, from where it could launch operations against ISIS, Libya and Eastern Europe. Camp Lemonnier, US military’s base in Djibouti holds 4000 personnel, F 16S and KC-135s.

For now, it seems that US military will continue expanding into Eastern Europe, Middle East and North Africa (MENA) to deal with ISIS, Taliban and Russia simultaneously.

Is the Pentagon saying, “Pyongyang and Beijing… see you later.”?

Image courtesy: tpsdave/ Pixabay

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