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Mark Crumpacker of Chipotle & 17 other executives charged for drug abuse

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Photo courtesy: Pixabay/Public domain

The case of Thomas Hughes, an investment banker who jumped to his death from his apartment building in New York, have prompted authorities to conduct a series of investigations against white collar professionals that led to Mark Crumpacker and 17 others.

Hughes was initially thought was depressed and overworked that led him to commit suicide. But police investigations have found out that he was regularly taking cocaine combined with a synthetic drug ethylene.

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The drug combination known as “bath salts” stirred paranoia and high anxiety, which police believes had pushed Hughes to his eventual death.

The latest crackdown is targeted against executives similar to Hughes, as the police are trying to unveil a string of similar instances of drug abuse among top executives. Are they driven by stress, from being overworked?

So far, 18 white-collar professionals are being charged.

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On Tuesday, Mark Crumpacker, a marketing executive of the burrito chain, Chipotle, surrendered himself to police after being caught 13 times on wiretap ordering cocaine to his apartment. Reports say his orders totaled around $3,000.

Authorities said, continuing from the Hughes case, they found a lead on a drug dealer from the Hughes’ phone.

Mark Crumpacker was the marketing expert who helped Chipotle regain its image after a number of food-related illnesses rocked its reputation.

Interestingly, Crumpacker reportedly made drug purchases on 4 occasions when the company was marred with troubles, such as when it got involved in foodborne diseases affecting its employees on January 29th and March 8th after its Massachusetts branch was shut down.

He also made purchases on April 27th after Chipotle publicly posted its first quarterly loss, and May 11th when investors were allowed to revamp the company’s board.

Other executives charged were Katie Welnhofer, producer of “Mornings with Maria” on Fox Business Network, Christopher Dodson, a client associate for Merrill Lynch, and Austin Dodson of Cushman & Wakefield.

Photo courtesy: Pixabay/Public domain

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