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Memphis News: Mother charged for stabbing of own children

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In a place described by a resident as one of the best places he’s ever lived in, four children were found dead. Investigations reveal they were all stabbed inside their apartment, within the gated apartment complex called The Greens at Irene in Memphis.

But it was not green at all, but red and bloody in Tennessee around 1PM on Friday. The ages of the victims were not officially disclosed but neighbors say they were all below 6 years old.

A spokesperson for the Sheriff’s office simply referred to them as “babies.”

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Authorities have investigated the father of the children, but it turned out he was not in the area when the crime happened.

The latest update of the case is that the mother, Shanynthia Gardner (29) is now facing four counts of first degree murder associated with aggravated child abuse, four counts of first degree murder in association with aggravated child neglect, plus four more counts each of aggravated child abuse and aggravated child neglect or endangerment.

Ongoing investigations state that the eldest among the children, aged 7, was able to escape and called for help that led to police rushing in the apartment complex.

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It is not yet clear as of the moment what the motive may be, or, if the mother is suffering from mental problems.

On how and why something like this could happen, leaves everyone puzzled. And the Department of Children’s Services has confirmed that they have no records of previous history with the family.

Shelby County Sheriff Bill Oldham says “This is an egregious act of evil that has shocked us to our core. I will never understand how anyone can do this.”

Sean Ahearn, one of their neighbors, said, “From what I saw they were very open and friendly kids.”

This incident is a harsh reminder of a similar crime committed by Jessie Dotson in the area back in 2008.

The names of the children have not yet been released. Meanwhile, the mother of the victims is now in police custody.

Authorities will soon make a statement to update the public regarding the situation on Saturday.

Photo courtesy: Public domain pictures

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