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Mother Teresa News: Now a saint, a feature film soon

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Now that Mother Teresa has finally become a saint, talks about a feature film on her life and death are brewing. Mother Teresa was canonized into sainthood at the Vatican City on Sunday morning. Sainthood is attributed to people who the Vatican believes to have been proven to perform miracle acts. Mother Teresa died at the age of 87.

In an article published by PBS News Hour, according to the Catholic church, before Mother Teresa’s death, she cured an Indian woman who was believed to have a stomach cancer and a Brazilian man who had a viral brain infection.

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India’s acclaimed veteran filmmaker Shyam Benegal reportedly announced last year that he plans to make a movie about Mother Teresa.

“Nobody had asked me to do it. There was a suggestion, but not now. It was when I was making a film on Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. I was in Calcutta that time and some people from Missionaries of Charity had even come and met me,” Benegal told IANS in an interview, published by The Indian Express. “It has to not just be for our people (Indians), but for people of different cultures, particularly Europeans and Americans. A film like that needs loosening of purse strings.”

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Although movies had been made in the past about the iconic nun, Benegal, however, stressed that Mother Teresa ‘does deserve a proper feature film’.

“At the moment, it is very difficult to say because my mind is working in different areas, different space. But Mother Teresa is a fascinating person. Not only is she a fascinating person, she led an extraordinary life,” the filmmaker said when asked if he would even consider making it.

Benegal has been conferred a Padma Shri and a Padma Bhushan by the government of India for his cinematic artistry and contribution to the industry.

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