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Pizzagate: How an innocent word becomes the symbol of child abuse and the occult

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Comet Ping Pong

The word or codename “Pizzagate” has been creating some buzz for a few days for its shock quality. This harmless word is now synonymous to something that is evil. It is something scarier that the scariest horror movie you’ve watched. That is because it shows Washington elite involved in the most bizarre occult ritual. Reddit and 4Chan users unearthed this strange network. The people involved there are some of the most powerful in this country.

The Podesta emails

The network uses arts and various kinds media to celebrate an occultic culture and child abuse. Even more surprising is that they do no try to hide it. In fact, it is posted all over social media. Further analysis of the Podesta emails reveals the Pizzagate connection to a world of sex, torture, and abuse.

The website, Vigilant Citizen, connected the dots how Washington’s elite relate to each other. John Podesta is a close friend of James Alefantis, owner of Comet Ping Pong, a pizza restaurant. He is also ranked by GQ as one of the most powerful people in Washington. Alefantis’ lover is David Brock, founder of Media Matters for America. TIME magazine describes Brock as one of the most influential people in the Democratic Party. Both of them are strong Hillary supporters. One leaked Podesta email contained a message from Alefantis. The message was a fundraiser for Hillary, which Alefantis referred to as their ‘pizza logo.’

A closer look at James Alefantis

With all those connections, Alefantis is no doubt connected to very powerful people in Washington. 4Chan community members began prying into Alefantis’ Instagram account and found disturbing photos with children. One photo shows a man holding a child with the hashtag #chickenlover, which is a slang for a homosexual man who loves male children. Another shows a man kissing a dog with the hashtag #babybirding. If you Google baby birding, you’ll understand why the picture isn’t adorable at all.

His restaurant is full of murals painted by Arrington de Dionyso. The paintings show people holding the severed heads of smaller people. Other paintings of Dionyso depicts the exploitation of children. One commenter gave an interesting fact about James Alefantis’ name. He said the name is a corruption of the French word “J’aime L’enfants” which means “I love children” in French.

When pizza means differently

Here’s where pizzagate comes in and where pizza means anything but food. Some of Alefantis’ Instagram posts show children and pizza references. One picture shows a meme with a cute girl saying, “I could care less about my beauty. I just want my pizza.” It looked cute considering it’s a pizza restaurant. However, a barman from Comet Ping Pong posted on his Instagram account a couple having sex on a pizza slice.

There have been some comments saying that pizza is actually a slang for the female reproductive organ. Some of Podesta’s leaked emails also contained references to pizza. It mentions of a white-black handkerchief that is “pizza-related.”

Here’s what’s bizzare about all of these: Pizza in their language means sex. Some observers believe that handkerchiefs are mementos of mind control child abuse. The abusers put this piece of cloth underneath the child. Furthermore, white-black in handkerchief code means “S&M.”

Photo Courtesy: EaterDC/Flickr

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