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Portugal forest fire-big enough to be seen from space; hundreds displaced

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Portugal forest fire-big enough to be seen from space

Residents of Portugal’s Madeira Islands have been fleeing their homes due to a major forest fire that already left 174 people seeking medical attention for their injuries. The flames have spread to the residential area near Madeira’s capital of Funchal already leaving at least 27 homes uninhabitable. The Portugal forest fire-big enough to be seen from space-has also forced the evacuation of more than 400 people from their homes.

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Satellite images of the fire were shared by website phys.org, which shows smoke coming from the wildfires in the island, as well as outlines of red, made up by the flames. Twitter has also been flooded with news regarding the enormous blaze.


Other wildfires have also raged the Portuguese mainland in recent days. By the evening of Tuesday, officials announced that other fires in the countryside were becoming out of control. To give people a bigger idea of the problem, one tweet was able to put matters into better perspective.

According to reports, 3,000 fighters have already been deployed to put out more than 500 forest fires around Portugal, where the northern part of the country has been worst-hit.

As of posting, the wildfire which enveloped the capital, Funchal, is now under control, according to Regional President Miguel Albuquerque. Cooler temperatures are also expected by Wednesday, to help firefighters in their efforts to extinguish the flames.

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Typically, August brings in high temperatures in Portugal, with strong winds in parched woodlands. All these factors make the month the peak time for wildfires in the country, as well as other southern European nations.

The Portugal forest fire-big enough to be seen from space-has already sparked support around the globe. Netizens have taken to social media to express their sympathy for the victims and are using #PrayForPortugal to voice their concern for the nation’s safety.


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