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US Politics: Britain snubs Donald Trump’s recommendation; quotes why Nigel Farage can’t be an ambassador to US

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US Politics: Britain snubs Donald Trump's recommendation; quotes why Nigel Farage can't be an ambassador to US
Image courtesy: Gage Skidmore/ Flickr

Nigel Farage is not a gracious loser after all. For that matter, he is very much similar to Donald Trump in his life. When UK rejected Trump’s suggestion to name Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage as an ambassador to the USA, things turned dirty in UK’s political circles. Donald Trump wants the anti-EU, anti-immigrant crusader to represent Great Britain in the USA. The prospects were doused by ‘someone’ in British Prime Minister Theresa May’s office out of jealousy. Obviously, Farage has reasons to accuse May.

The Mutual Admiration Club: Donald Trump and Nigel Farage

In the last 48 hours, Donald Trump has been consistently pushing tweets on his 100-day plan and seeking suggestions on his probable cabinet.

Why Nigel Farage can’t be UK’s Ambassador to the US?

According to the CNN, the position is already filled and new nominees are not considered for the position. Moreover, Nigel Farage is not even an elected official to represent the UK as an international ambassador. However, Farage still acknowledged the offer and gave it a thumbs-up via tweet.

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Why is Nigel Farage fuming at the snub from 10 Downing Street?

While Donald Trump has yet to respond to the negative response from the UK, Nigel Farage accused the bureaucrats and officials at the 10 Downing Street for choosing personal interest over national interest. The UKIP interim leader fears that the UK will lose a great moment in history if No.10 failed to seize the moment and accept that the “world has changed” (in 2016).

Currently, Sir Kim Darroch is Britain’s ambassador to the USA, and given Theresa May’s affinity for Kim, things won’t be changing soon as he was appointed in January 2016. An ambassador held the position for 4 years. Nigel wants Kim to resign as he belongs to the old regime.

Why is the UK squirming about the recommendation made by Donald Trump?

This is an unprecedented diplomatic move made by someone who is going to be the Head of the State by next year. Trump recommending Farage’s name is a clear attempt to intervene in Britain’s internal politics. In Britain, it is seen as a breach of diplomatic relations.

Nigel Farage was the first international diplomat to meet Trump following his win on November 9. The rapport seems to have a long-lasting implication on US-UK relations. The PM of Britain Theresa May has yet to speak or meet with the new President-elect who seems to be picking his knights smartly.

On a hilarious note, will UK recommend Hillary Clinton’s name as its preference as Ambassador to the UK.

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Photo courtesy: Gage Skidmore/ Flickr

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