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Viral YouTube Video: We found the man you should blame for Donald Trump’s victory in US Elections

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Viral YouTube Video: We found the man you should blame for Donald Trump's victory in US Elections
Image courtesy: The U.S. Army/ Wikimedia Commons

Trump just won the White House…” This is something that no Left could believe that this will ever happen in the age when social media and celebrity endorsements rule the roost. And now, that’s exactly what has happened. In 6-odd minutes, you will know who is to be blamed for the debacle that Hillary Clinton received in the US elections at the hands of Donald Trump. Blame it on Jonathan Pie and his intolerance.

“How bad a candidate needs to be to lose the elections to the tax-dodger Donald Trump?” 

In a short video uploaded on YouTube, British comedian Tom Walker blames his highly endorsed left-wing character “Jonathan Pie” and the entire Leftist wing for opening up one window after another for Trump to exploit in the build up to the US Elections 2016. Talking to Tim, the person shooting the video, Pie is furious that how could Democrats choose Clinton against Trump over a seasoned veteran Bernie Sanders. The video has 1,310,387 views and still counting.

“No palpable change…same old s***”—that is what Hillary Clinton offered to the voters. And Trump? Well, he talked changes, negative though, and that’s what the voters wanted from the White House. Blaming the “baskets of deplorable” who used hash-tags #TrumpWins and #EverydaySexism together, Pie believes that negativity of this kind allowed President-elect to thrive despite being on the bottom of cultural war prevailing in the world.

Not everyone who voted for Trump is a sexist or racist.” Accusing the celebrities and Clinton’s supporters for painting a happy picture for her to build a campaign, the Leftist Zen-master illustrated how every poll got it wrong in predicting the results of British elections, Brexit and now, the US Elections 2016.

Video source: Jonathan Pie/ You Tube

Well, now is the time to get cozy with the idea of a change that US voters called upon the country. A lesson in the waiting: Not everyone who disagrees is a sexist or a racist. They could be majority and they have power. Meanwhile, Clinton’s overconfidence got the better of her… Whispers are that she did not even have a concessional speech in order. Blame it on the Leftist Tim…

Photo courtesy: The U.S. Army/ Wikimedia Commons

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